ecology as a metaphor.

After a recent visit to the Biosphere in Oracle, AZ, a reminder of ecology has billowed in my being. Ecology is “the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings.” Ecology, my friends, is a metaphor, a truth-bearer, and a medicine. The prominent political polarities and egging environmental epidemics, sweltering social subjects and enduring economic evils: they are flowing as inputs & outputs to one another, interweaving and dancing a furious dance, fueled by the fires of each neighboring system.

As ecology reminds us of the exchange of matter & energy between all systems, we can ultimately conclude there is no such thing as an isolated event, a separate entity, or a solitary individual. Conversely, it is the intention, thought, word & action of each individual that flows entirely into all adjacent systems. This is why we must take responsibility for ourselves, my friends.

When considering the inherent beauty and wonder: the ebb & flow of nature, life – that thing that scientists attempt to capture using the language of the mind, and artists attempt to capture using the language of the heart – we may be reminded that we are all a unique perspective of the perplexing whole. Ecology reminds of us our personal power, our invariable connection to it all, and certainly implores our awareness.

Perhaps most importantly, it reveals that it is precisely the unfitting “us versus them” mindset which consistently, persistently, unequivocally results in imbalance. We can remind ourselves, using nature as an inspiring mentor, that it is quite simply not so.

As gently as the wind caresses the trees, the gleaming bodies of water passionately carve their expressions into the land, and the animals mindfully tread & consume only what is vital, we may intuitively grasp what should inspire more balanced systems, thus a more balanced world: compassion & unconditional love. Seek, explore, and remember your own core – is it from love & wholeness, or fear and separation, which you flow?


see video for some ecological magic: wolves & rivers

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