cerebral extractives (1).

“What is it you really want to study, then?” he inquired, gleaming that giant smile of his. The opaque cream mug rested just below his lips,  and as he drew it closer, curious eyes never breaking my own, the hot cacao flowed in one submissive stream to his receptive gut.

He always knew how to get to the meat of a situation. Oh, journalists. Well – I am one to readily expose my truth.

“I want to show people they can,” emphasizing the ‘can’ with an equally gregarious smile. While allowing the words to sink into his skin, nestling next to the cacao as if an old lover, I maintained an instigating gaze.

My beverage, Nicaraguan coffee, black & cold-brewed, encouraged me to continue.

“I want to unveil neurobiological research that suggests how powerful we are as manifestors, via intentions of a holistic self; to encourage wellness, self-empowerment, creativity, and unconditional confidence in the abilities of all to become, simply, whoever and whatever the heart desires.” My own heart fluttered at the thought.

As we both slipped into thoughtful contemplation, it seemed the coffee and cacao were discussing their own philosophies. Each dark brown liquid, with earthy undertones & caffeine & differing nutrition profiles, so gracefully represented bean varietals. And at that, a metaphor for human varietals. Coffee & cacao seeds are of the fruit, and fruit-bearing themselves – from the very source of life, and perpetuating the source, inherently – just like us.

A contented grunt escaped his mouth just as quickly as the cacao served to fill the loss.

My eyebrow raised, and then: “I would love to capitalize on society’s faith in the numbers & research to awaken individuals to what they already carry in their bones.” We were then matched with mischievous grins and satiated sips.

Coffee & cacao both contain constituents which are antagonists for – or blocking the action of – adenosine receptors in the brain: the widely recognized caffeine being one. Adenosine, a neurotransmitter, is particularly known to act as a depressant or play a role in energetic states of arousal. I imagine all the teeny adenosine and antagonist molecules bouncing around our brains with each sip, occupying the vacant spaces on our receptors.

I conclude with “the only thing stopping us, is us, really.” The thought of receptors and antagonists accentuates the tone in my voice.

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