energy expenditure as an argument for radical self care.

Nature is, generally, extremely efficient.

If there is one uniting, overarching & highly supported theory that has been thoroughly addressed whilst pursing my Neuroscience and Biology degrees, it is that nature will optimize energy expenditure.

Take the biochemistry of our own bodies, as an example. There is an astounding amount of overlap in reactants & products, pathways, mechanisms, and byproducts for our metabolic functioning. Here is one such visual depiction of relationships.


[Image source:]

It is not just us, however. This optimization occurs in the plants, the elements, the fungi & other animals. Everything talks to everything, and it is nature’s goal to execute as effectively and thoroughly as possible, with the least amount of resources consumed.

Nature’s intelligent design is, of course, geared towards survival.

So why is it that we, as a species, tend to behave in all the ways that are counterproductive, counteractive, and in opposition to our carefully calculated energy expenditure?

Why is it that we eat processed & nutritionally void ‘food’? Why is it we ignore the pleas of our bodies when they ask for sleep, nature, water, and loving relationships?

We function in accordance with the most ancient & wise technology: nature itself. Yet our modern human-behavior “technology” often challenges and complicates our most natural forms of existing.

If the atoms & molecules, reactions and interactions, suggest to you anything, let it be this: you are a unique habitat for, and piece of, the universe’s magic. You matter. & most importantly, to please care for yourself, radically.

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