embodying collectives.

It’s true, you know – the vast majority of DNA & cells associated with our bodies is not ours, per se, but belonging to the billions of teeny beneficial bacteria which inhabit every bit of us, inside & out.

I am also inclined to argue that the vast majority of thoughts we have streamlining through our busy minds are not ours at all, but an unconscious accumulation and reflection of our cultures. Each thought an interconnected organism of its own.

Too, I would like to express that the emotions we carry in our skin, muscles, & cells, are simply an intelligent, interactive collective. The emotional body retains & communicates consistently and ceaselessly.

On every plane & from all perspectives, internal and external, we are a conglomerate of many complicated moving parts: a kaleidescopic specimen. Our very beings house the magnificence of life in all forms – from physical, mental, emotional, to spiritual.

It is this thinking – & this way of recognizing place in the world – where one may move from a place of isolation, separation, and judgement, to a loving and appreciative wholeness. 

We embody collectives & we comprise collectives: we quite literally buzz with life. 


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