the breathing cosmos: a case for self-awareness & growth.

Some of our most valuable lessons can be extracted from the functioning of our natural world, or universe. For example, there is value in aligning with cycles of nature – such as wake & sleep, eat and digestion, play and rest, death and birth – those which we see the animal kingdom execute so gracefully.

Did you know that the cosmos are expanding at an accelerated rate? Don’t be fooled – nothing is stable, even though it may appear so. Not even the ‘constants’ that we measure in physics, such as gravity or the speed of light, among a multitude of others. These changes are so small that they are typically disregarded.

Everything is breathing, my friends. Everything.

Our expanding cosmos most elegantly suggests the following: there is an infinite potential for creation. This means me, this means you. We – ones who create – are living in a breathing, responsive universe of infinite potential.

Remember these words when you lack confidence, inspiration, or trust: you are creation, embodied. It is too, your nature, to expand infinitely. Allow yourself the freedom and grace to breathe as the universe does.

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