autoimmune: remission possible.

I write to you all today in a state of joy, triumph, and inspiration. My most recent blood-work has revealed my autoimmune markers essentially non-existent. That is to say, more precisely, my “disease” has gone into remission.

This was not a passive happenstance, I tell you. This reality has blossomed from my intentions. Though I was initially victimized by my diagnosis, I quickly shifted into the state of self-responsibility and self-empowerment: the illness was happening for me, not to me. & I was going to create for myself a better reality – one which allowed me to heal and thrive.

Despite researching every possible particle of autoimmunity whilst intellectually embracing the prognosis, my deepest intuitions begged that I find the real messages beneath the “disease,” and boy, did I ever. I came to understand that disease & illness are are multifaceted. My scientifically-interested brain had to take the back seat while I discovered an alternative & seemingly unprecedented path of healing.

I write to you all today to say, with confidence and grace, that creating your own reality can be done. Start with this: your external reality is a reflection of your internal reality. If you want change, it must begin from within. You need not be “diseased” or “ill,” you may only be discontent or in a state of disarray – but I tell you, anything can be done. You have infinite opportunity to create yourself. But it requires that you choose your growth every moment of every day. It requires that you become conscious & change old ways of thinking/behaving/doing. It requires you discover, and shed many layers of yourself, growing new ones with beautiful, conscious intentions. Discomfort is a sign of growth, my friends. Lean into it, gently.

You may choose to primarily consume food that is from the earth, smile at yourself in the mirror, stretch your body fully when waking up in the morning, watch your own thoughts & mindfully inquire if it is actually your truth, or any other variation of intentionally caring for, and creating, yourself.

I write to you all today to share what could be considered a miracle. Though let’s be clear – we’re all hoping for our own miracles. & let’s be more clear – we are the ones who make this happen. There is no passive happenstance.

The change comes entirely from within – your thoughts, feelings, and intentions. In a state of complete awareness, there is nothing you cannot create. My personal framework: unconditional love. Every breath, every thought, every intention, every action, out of love. My cellular components literally reflect this, and the hasty turnaround of my own health is a convincing indication.

To friends, family, & all brothers and sisters of this earth experience: if you have questions, comments, wish to share your own struggles, or are looking to take a step into the healing unknown, do reach out!

Much love ❤

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