mitosis, a revealing dance.

As scientists, we understand that there is an inherent order. Where we perceive chaos and unpredictability, it is only because we have not yet discovered the mathematical & physical equations to explain the outcome. This is something we strive for: to define, discover, and creatively exploit.

It is seemingly impossible for our minds to fully comprehend the perfectly interlocking and interacting of the bits & pieces of existence. From the proteins and molecules, cells and tissues, organs and physiological systems of the body – everything is dancing a spectacular, precise dance.

Below is a very simple depiction of the mitotic stages by which our cells multiply. Keep in mind that while anywhere between 50,000-100,000 cells may fit on a pinhead, there are hundreds of thousands of other players & processes occurring here, all in perfect orchestration.



Awe of the human body is not uncommon. But orchestration extends beyond us & to the plants, geography, physics, even to the man-made systems – traffic included – it is true that everything is dancing a spectacular, precise dance.

Even the global weather patterns.

Even the tectonic plates.

Even the other planetary bodies that exist in our solar system. Have you ever given thought to the gaseous clouds, solar winds, asteroids, electromagnetics & other physical properties of our cosmic systems?

Have you thought about the one hundred billion, or more, galaxies?

From macro to micro & everything in between, everything is dancing. Yes, the interplanetary-and-cosmic workings are influencing our little cells, too.

The formal invitation to surrender to the dance waits patiently, while we tend to lose ourselves in the confines of the mind. Open up to the magic, my friends. It is a familiar, revealing dance.

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