fig wasps & the sweetness of life.

There is a silly precept that in every fig you eat, there is at least one dead wasp. It is only partially true.

Between 70 and 90 million years ago, the relationship between the fig & the wasp began; a true romance. These two organisms are now characterized as existing in such a deep symbiotic relationship that literally one cannot exist without the other. The wasp pollinates the fig plant while the fig flower parts provides a larval breeding ground.

A female wasp will lay her eggs in the male flower parts, depositing cherished pollen about, but the journey is so tumultuous, that she dies of exhaustion in her labor of love. When the eggs hatch, the males and females mate, and the new females fly off & continue the reproductive cycle.

So there are dead wasps in my figs?!, you may inquire.

Not quite. The fig fully consumes the wasp bits through enzymatic degradation. All that was once a wasp, now surrendered fully to the sweetness of the fig.




This cycle is a lovely representation of what it means to undergo personal transformation.

There are times in life when we are asked to fully forfeit and surrender to some process much greater than ourselves and the perceptions of our ego-mind. It requires we go deep within, and allow the sweetness of life to fully consume and digest all that we are. It is exhausting, scary, uncomfortable even. But we are held by the knowing of our bodies & the knowing of nature’s cycles.

Our fig wasp friend, with grace, love, and courage, is undoubtedly a role model for these transformative times.

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