ecological diversity, niches, and an argument for individualised expression.

The incredible diversity of organisms on this planet, from the very beginning of our primordial stew, may primarily attest to the various roles that need be fulfilled in nature.

In the study of ecological sciences, this is referred to as a niche. Gigantic organisms and microorganisms alike, all beings and factors inclusive, serve a multitude of purposes to the web of life. Consumers & producers, prey & predator, environment, history, habitat, and adaptations: they deeply depend on one another & the cycling and flow of energy. Individualised expression is exactly what births the healthy functionality and perfection of nature.

So why is it that as humans, we have forgotten our own means of authentic, individualised expression? Furthermore, does this not raise concerns regarding the delicate balance of nature? Does this not reveal the true root of illness and imbalance?

We are not meant to dress the same, speak the same, think the same: mindlessly and powerlessly forfeiting our deep selves to the expectations of the status quo.

Polarity and individuality ultimately give rise to a wholly balanced system. Thus, self-actualization, according to the wisdom of niches, is a key to re-establishing a healthy planet Earth.

So I inquire: who are you, truly? & What do you have to share with the world. Be brave, my friends!

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