genetic adaptability, holistic health, and that which is instinctual.

Darwinian thinking & Mendelian genetics, as outdated as it may now seem (see: Quantum Biology), once provided a basic framework for understanding things like trait inheritance, evolutionary mechanisms, and DNA.

Where it was once believed that the genetic cards you were dealt are impenetrable and static, we are now finding this to be less & less true. The expanding field of epigenetics is only one expression of this concept. Epigenetics studies the long-term & heritable modification of gene expression due to external and internal factors, in which the DNA code itself is not altered, though associated genetic players’ functions and phosphorylation markers, are.

Aside from what epigenetics suggests about genetic expression, we have also known that there are countless systems controlling the synthesis of new genetic and biological materials, providing feedback mechanisms at every nook and cranny, to tightly and intelligently regulate just about every function in our body.

We are extremely adaptable organisms.

& I would go as far to say that we understand very little about this process of adaptability, and that the fields of holistic health, particularly, bring forth the much-needed ancient widsom about our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits. It is, in fact, these four ‘main’ facets which contribute to the adaptability of our organism.

On that note, there are subtle truths about adaptability: like, for instance, the suggestion that we are not meant to remain the same way our entire lives. & furthermore, how vital it is we are sensitive to our internal & external worlds, and respond to each situation accordingly & intelligently.

In order to go with the flow, or respond appropriately, one must be in the flow in the first place. Our mental and emotional rigidity, paired with spiritual and bodily disconnectivity, is a promise for sub-par adaptability & ultimately, an impaired organism.

As the greatest intelligence is that which is innate, it is my suggestion that as a species, we develop and nurture that which is instinctual, soulful, and deep. Only then, may we flow.


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