where is our sovereignty?

In biological terms, there are many mechanisms by which our genetic expression is tightly controlled & monitored. These have been implemented over thousands & hundreds of thousands of years for the intention of biological efficacy. 

There was a time, however, when our bodies and spirits belonged only to the flow of our personal expressions. But our personal expressions therein were not compelled by the personality constructs and implemented tactics of our cultural and societal powers. Instead, we belonged only to the expressions of love, and our bodies & spirits followed the purity and perfection of that truth.

Our biological processes have somewhat been high-jacked by our own minds, if you choose to believe it. The power of our intelligent cortices is undeniable. 

Thus, if it is from a place of pure love you wish to create, then the body and spirit will align itself accordingly. This is a natural process, and perhaps the most needed one at these times.

Our genetic influences are a multi-faceted indication of our true expressions, and where we choose to move from. Are we controlling, or are we trusting? Are we loving, or are we judgemental? It must be understood that our entire vessel aligns to the speak of the mind, and the dialogues and undertones in which we engage.

Our genetic influences are, in part, a gift to our own creative expression. We are choosing in every moment, in all circumstances, how we are showing up in the world.

If you seek control, it is perhaps that you are being controlled. If you seek love, it is perhaps that you discovered the source of unconditional love. If you wish to create, then you need only behold, and embody, creativity itself.

Our biology is a true gift to our expressions. Our biology is a living, breathing body of intelligence and it wishes entirely to serve that which is innate.

When choosing your biological template, and the conditions under which you perform, you may wish to seek that it aligns with your deepest and most heartfelt desires. The rest will be taken care of by nature’s intelligent design.

Choose wisely, loves. 

We are all seeking those deep truths. Be brave, and allow them to fill you, wholly and completely. In thought, in expression, in understanding, in breathing. 

In changing the world for the benefit of all, we are asked to step into the body, and the knowing of our instinctual selves. Bodies & spirits aligned suits the creative potential of all existence.

In our truest forms, we will again, see beauty, health, and vibrancy in our universe. Have faith, my friends, for we are held by the great unknown & the intelligent order of life.

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