cerebral extractives (2).

I had finally unearthed the darn thing when the call for lunch sounded, vibrating the cochlear fluid and basilar membrane located in my inner ear. Thanks, ear anatomy, for converting pressure waves, to mechanical vibrations, to electrical signals.

I had no intention of joining them that afternoon, but there was a much deeper calling to be present for their own unearthing. As I tepidly rose & gathered my senses, it was if my legs simultaneously pushed and pulled me closer to the site of interaction. It appeared my muscular fibers and neural impulses had intentions of their own. I instinctively mulled over the ways in which our bodies decipher signals from our external environments. In the ear, for example, how high & low frequency sound waves are converted, translated, and encoded. Or, for example, the sensory reception and feedback systems controlling our movements in time and space.

In digressing my presence to the world of computations, I suddenly stepped on a length of squash limb, lying before me. It screamed.

I, then screamed.

In any world of mine I could not, would not imagine, the voice of a plant. Particularly of those I had just unearthed and squashed. In any world of mine, embellished with the framework of molecular and cellular underpinnings, I could not, would not imagine, the ways in which I just received those signals.

Then, a wave of goosebumps moved from the base of my feet to the crown of my head.

Paralysis. Confusion. Distortion. I stare at the lowly squash plant, finally move my foot, and unstably meander to the group lunch, finally bearing a story for my own unearthing.

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