consciousness & zero point energy.

Thump, thump, thump, the morning insights ferociously rattled my cognitive stew.

Consciousness seeing consciousness creates zero point energy, it said. It pulsated like an angry vein upon my pre-frontal cortex – my forehead on the verge of explosion from the passionate persistence of intuition. Without intellectualizing the concept of zero point energy, I intuitively understood: Zero point energy is a “space” of infinite potential – a singularity such as a black hole – that arises when intelligence sees itself, or when consciousness recognizes that it is, indeed, conscious.

It said to me: mind, body, science & technology, were potential areas for application. I immediately thought of mathematics and the patterns that endlessly recur in nature, such as spirals, tessellations, and fractals. These intelligent patterns no doubt contain secrets about the universe, and are consciousness in & of themselves. What if to use these mathematical, probabilistic laws, to develop, say, clean energy? I thought of mindfulness, self awareness, and implications for harnessing this kind of potential for healing & transformation. This is, however, a small list which could truthfully be extended out to all of existence.

The loud cries of this truth caused not inspiration, per se, but a profound sense of discomfort because I quite simply could not understand what it meant, or how it could be applied, immediately. 

In the practice of quieting my mind & exploring that which lies outside the realm of self-identity, I find more deep insight, connections, and awareness falling through at an astounding rate. This one, however, is seemingly unsurpassed. 

Consciousness seeing consciousness creates zero point energy, it echoes again and again, in this mind that quite simply does not yet have the capacity to understand what it means..

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