i am the program, i am the programmer.

A great deal of my semester in programming with Python utilized the intelligence of for and while loops. Interestingly, it turns out the human complex makes great use of similar programming. They are exactly as they sound – upon reading a line of data, the program begins to execute a loop of behavior until otherwise instructed to terminate. Or, for the human – we experience a stimulus and then begin chemical, behavioral, and cognitive cascades of experience. Unfortunately, many of us are stuck in, and unconscious of, these loops in thought and behavior. Worse, we are under the impression that they define us.

In Python, we are able to specify how many times the program executes using a for loop. In this metaphor, most people have their value set to infinity: they will play the same patterns for all of their human existence. On the other hand, a while loop allows us to terminate the function upon output of a particular value or outcome. In other words, if we are running & fall and scrape said knees, we will stop running.

When we become conscious, or self-aware, we are able to stop our loop functions simply by their recognition. This becomes important when the current loop’s output is undesirable. For example, a thought loop of indecision and insecurity may result in a lower self worth, and a dimming of inner confidence and radiance. Thankfully, if this loop is recognized and terminated, we are finally able to proceed from these lines of code, deeper into our master program, to discover and create new functions of our very being.

It only takes we recognize the program, define our new conditions (or desires), and proceed in a novel way. The more proficient we become in recognizing our loops, the more opportunity for the ultimate freedom of self & creative expression.

I have found deep liberation in taking responsibility for my programs, bringing awareness and compassion to each line of code. In this space, I have complete access to the complexities of the self I recognize as Sarah. My subconscious has written the program in my own personal language, & as I bring more of it to my conscious awareness, I begin to understand the subtle language of my soul. My awareness allows me to initiate compelling edits and restructuring of the very framework of my being, & existence.

Ultimately, I have the intention to terminate the programs which are dis-empowering and result in undesirable thoughts and feelings. All lines of my program are being scrutinized – I take 100% responsibility for all that I experience – & I am to always refer my programs to a core truth: one which continually codes for self-awareness, expansion, love, and creativity. I refer my program to the infinite wisdom of my heart & higher mind.

I am the program, I am the programmer.

[feel free to research Metacognition for more on this…]

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