the universal language.

For as long as I can recall, if you were to have given me colored pencils or square sheets of paper, in one automatic swoop – as if a sacred construction of the soul – I would create. Always, geometric patterns guided my instincts.


There is a little saying that math is the universal language. I would agree in some regard, however outside of our planet & solar system, the physical variables we have seemingly defined, change, and dramatically so. Instead, I wonder about underlying geometric relationships.

Below is geometry in plant cells, succulents, romanesco, and a chameleon tail.

Microscopic plant cellsChameleon Tail - The Golden Ratio - FibonacciSucculent Geometry

((shout out to my mother, who loves succulents! <3))


Geometric patterns – despite the numbers, variables, and relationships we have defined using our Earth physics – appear both in, and beyond our beautiful planet.

The Golden Ratio (or Divine Proportion) is shown below.

In physical cosmology: the study of the structure, dynamics, and evolution of the universe, there is a theory called Fractal Cosmology. It states not that the universe utilizes fractals, but that the universe is quite literally, a fractal. Fractals upon fractals upon fractals. 

From Wikipedia —

“Multifractal systems are common in nature, especially geophysics. They include the length of coastlines, fully developed turbulence, stock market time series, real world scenes, the Sun’s magnetic field time series, heartbeat dynamics, human gait, and natural luminosity time series. Models have been proposed in various contexts ranging from turbulence in fluid dynamics to internet traffic, finance, image modeling, texture synthesis, meteorology, geophysics and more.”

Geometry is everywhere. The universe is whispering magic, ceaselessly. Are you listening?

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