the probe (1).

Before taking off, I gazed respectfully into the eyes of my crew. The young masculine figure to my left held my hand for comfort, as the lulling of the electrical impulses transported my awareness to a new vessel.

A conundrum – that’s what this was. Intelligence had, yet again, outsmarted itself. However in this instance, what somewhat appeared to be a beautiful display of creation itself, could more precisely be defined as a “clusterfuck,” a “tangle,” or a “doozy.” Someone was going to have to clean this up, and it was not going to be pretty. Excitement and dread were equally matched with this insight.

As commander of a newly constructed ship, I knew this was my opportunity to gather intel and further outfit my vessel with advanced technology. In order to evolve, one must make sacrifices. As a leader & bearer of inspiration, I volunteered myself without hesitation. At first dawn, my crew would send off my consciousness to a new world.

I was only slightly terrified.

This was not the kind of mission that you are prepped for. This was the kind where you “figure it out as you go” with your “creative potential.” The joy, sarcasm, and hysteria churned inside my vessel. I had no idea what to expect – only that I would be meeting other commanders on the ground, eventually. We were set to arrive in fresh vessels, or probes, one might say. We would be in constant communication with our crew & the rest of the squadron. Our new vessels, a “body,” would offer a translation of explicit data and physical dynamics of this intelligence conundrum, and the space in which it exists.

We were to use our vessels to de-tangle the mess, and restore a structurally sound grid to the planet. It would be extremely difficult, though extremely expansive, we were told. This was not about our individual ships, the planet, or the galaxy. This was about overall coherency of the universe. Our mission had implications for all of existence, we were informed.

As I faded from commander to new vessel, I sensed the deep urgency of my crew. They were beaming to me – the signal is congested. There is a lot of noise. It may take some time to get your vessel fully engaged with the ship again…hang in there…

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