the musician, the poet.

Our realities will offer us recurring themes in order to convey a particular learning lesson or personal truth. Often, these can incite pain or suffering, though they can, conversely, incite inspiration & recognition of self.

I have most recently been offered opportunity to reform and reintegrate fragments of self – those which I recognize as my own soul. The vehicles: one, a musician, and the other, a poet. 

the musician 

his eyes hold the meadows, the forest 

the lush greenery of the land 

& the wonder of neighboring galaxies and planets. 

the abundant expressions of his beautiful face, 

are but a humble introduction to the depths of his heart, 

and the expansiveness of his spirit 

(a brother.) 

his music is my own, 

& in a space of joyous, luscious creativity, we reuinted once more. 

(relief to the longing heart.) 

great sensitivity, exploration, honesty, and love surrounds this creature, 

his music magnifies 

and exponentiates 

that presence. 

he is a true musician: an unbounded spirit. he graciously allowed me into that space, into his heart, and reminded me of my own musical inclinations & expressions. 

thank you for unbounding my musical spirit. 


the poet 

whether a hunger for words or a hunger to feel, greater, i know not. 

the metaphor: 

fingertips on skin, 

    eye contact, 


if you catch his laughter or a glance of his deep feeling, consider yourself lucky. between his words and in moments of repose lies his gentle heart, passion, and wisdom. 

among the infinite stream of noise & words, there is art in creating metaphor, 




of meaning. 

of remembering. 

among the infinite stream of noise & words, there is art in feeling, sensing, embodiment. 

he has shown me a longing that has no association with grief, but instead, with ravenousness to create :: feel :: become. 

words are a medium,

the body is a medium, 

the human, a medium, 

everything a tool for expressing (a facet) of the vast. 

thank you helping me rekindle unique expressions of mediumship. 

As much as they are me, they are with me: the most precious reminders. To the musician & poet within :: without, I extend my eternal gratitude, warmth, and love.

One thought on “the musician, the poet.

  1. C O M P L E T I O N

    come closer
    fall into my mouth

    this, a bed of stars

    of absence

    an altar of abandon

    an event horizon, a completion

    come closer
    touch forgetting

    let it be true that it was not you

    they hurt

    that even sunlight looks back at the beloved

    wail ing


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