about sarah.

True science is from the heart. In our current world, we have disassociated the science from the mysterious and beautiful, from the knowing & wisdom of our feeling selves. Our best science, our innovative temptations, and the keys to unraveling our own destructive tendencies lie wholly, completely, and patiently, in the heart.

True science comes not from the needs of the self, conscious or unconscious, to be seen, recognized, or to acquire wealth and power. Instead, true science comes purely from the joy & love of exploration, beauty, and service. More precisely, true science comes from a place of deep connection and unconditional love.

Hello & loving regards!

I am a twenty-something year old with an inspired mission: to challenge the stereotypical ways of human existence, functioning, and relation, to ultimately embody the unconditional love from which we are all constructed. In this state, there is ultimate and undeniable access to great wisdom, insight, and truth into the nature of our universe. Through my own scientific explorations and compassion, I serve to expose the ways in which these unique worlds intertwine.

I have been formally educated in the ways of molecular biology, neuroscience & cognitive sciences, though more-so formally educated through life tribulations, deep introspection, and overcoming. The following topics may be discussed on this blog: holistic health, current science, consciousness & existence, experiences as an empath / hypersensitive, the crossroads of science and spirituality, and more.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”

— Einstein

In this space I seek to chart, discuss, explore, and further unravel my own unique perspectives of the life & body I live in: Sarah.

Please do provide your own insight, philosophical input, constructive criticism, etc. & thanks for stopping by!

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Much love ‚̧